Your Photography Quality Going Nowhere?


The fastest way to master your camera & become a confident photographer who take stunning photograph that you're proud of Without Feeling overwhelmed



For committing to something that bring you happiness and joy in this life. 

Looking for a way to truly understand how to work your Camera is the biggest and most important first step in your photography journey. A big appreciation to you for taking it!

Are YOU feeling frustrated because...

After countless tutorial videos, you can't figure out how to use the Camera, you're discouraged

You are frustrated! Spent a lot of money on fancy camera, yet your phone take better photos

The photo you took ends up looking flat, boring and you wonder "What am I missing?"

What it looks like in real life...

What it looks like behind the camera...

Maybe you feel that after hours if not days of tutorial videos, somehow, it doesn't work as you implement it in the field. Then you ask other photographers and everyone says that it's straight forward.
YET... you can't seem to make it happen.

And you feel like a failure, frustrated and ready to give up for not understanding something that is supposed to be the most basic standard of doing photography.


You're one shot away to your DREAM shot...


Understand the exposure triangle and how it will help you capture sharp, beautiful and professional looking photos. 

In here you will discover the simple, step by step framework on how to use the 3 integral part of photography: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO so that you can feel confident and fulfilled using your cameras that you have invested a lot of money to


  • Depth of Field Control: Gain the ability to isolate subjects from the background, which is especially beneficial in portrait or adventure photography, creating images with a professional look.
  • ​Light Management: This control is crucial for correctly exposing photos, whether in bright daylight or dim interiors, ensuring that photos have the right balance of light and shadow.
  • Image Quality and Sharpness: Learning about the optimal aperture settings to allows you to achieve the highest image quality, ensuring sharp, crisp magazine quality photos.


  • Motion Capture and Control: Discover how to effectively capture fast-moving subjects, like in sports or wildlife photography, with clarity or create intentional blur for artistic effects.
  • ​Exposure Control: This knowledge enables students to manage exposure in bright conditions, like beach or snow scenes, preventing too bright or too dark photos.
  • ​Creative Expression: Mastery of shutter speed opens up creative avenues, such as light trains in the city, soft flow of water in waterfalls or beaches, allowing for more expressive and dynamic photography.


  • Low-Light Adaptability: Capture quality images in low light conditions, such as during evening events or indoor settings sharply, without relying on flash or additional lighting.
  • Flexibility in Various Conditions: Master the ability to quickly adapt your camera settings to changing light conditions, enhancing their capability to shoot in diverse environments.
  • ​Balancing the Exposure Triangle: Understanding ISO's role in balancing exposure helps you make informed decisions in challenging lighting, leading to well-exposed photographs under varied circumstances.


  • Sharpness and Clarity: Mastering focus ensures that the main subject of the photograph is sharp and clear, which is essential for high-quality images.
  • ​Creative Control Through Selective Focus: Learning to control focus to direct the viewer's attention to specific parts of the image, enhancing storytelling and emotional impact.
  • ​Improved Photo Quality: Students will consistently produce images with sharp, clear subjects, which is fundamental to good photography.


During this LIVE session you'll get to learn it using the camera you already own. Once we go through the materials you will have time to ask questions and receive immediate answers, leading to a clearer understanding of complex concepts.

You will also get a personalized feedback, which is crucial for practical subjects like photography.
Here’s What My Students Are Saying…
Is it ok if I overdeliver? Extra Bonuses for you...

We can reach your goal together

A Detailed, Follow-along Implementation Shortcut Worksheet  (value of $57) to guide you through the main key points from each video, reinforce your photography skills you can always rely on.

An Understanding of Vision.

Why it matters, and How to quickly find yours.

Plus how to stop comparing your work to others and focusing on creating unique perspectives.  

Get to your Photography journey with clarity by the Blueprint

With this Blueprint (Value of $57), you don't have to double guess yourself anymore and map out tangible steps on where to go and how to get there.

Professional Photography Kit Bundle (Value of $57)

Get insights on what the pros packed on different type of photography adventures and sessions, so you know exactly how the pros do it. 

It's as if I was next to you, guiding you every step of the way

12 Outdoor Pro Photographer's Workflow Cheat Sheets (value of $97) to serve as quick reminders while shooting in the field so you never hesitate, lose focus or get stuck. 

Practical Applications of Photography Theories and Techniques. 

Unlike YouTube or Google... Say good-bye to information overload and being overwhelmed with tons of technical knowledge—with no idea how to use it.

BONUS - The forgotten secrets of photography eBook that had been read by over 3000 people
(Value of $97)

Lifelong skills - Access to lifetime recording so that you can go back and watch any part that you missed during live session
(Value of $147)

BONUS - SHORTCUT Cheatsheet to implement what you've learnt on the field as if I were there with you GUIDING you step by step
(Value of $47)

BONUS - Stop double guessing yourself with Professional Gear Kit so that you know exactly what gears you need for different photo shoots 
(Value of $57)

BONUSAccelerator Road Map so that you get clarity on the path you need to take so that don't get overwhelmed 
(Value of $57)

Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • LIFELONG lesson that you will take to your grave, capturing stunning photos that you'll share with generations
  • ​Live training so that you can ask any question on the spot and get unstuck right away
  • ​Step-by-step instant framework to apply Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Access to LIFETIME Recording from Live session so that you can go back and review what you have missed
  • BONUS - Shortcut cheatsheet to implement what you have learn on the LIVE workshop on the field
  • BONUS - The forgotten secrets of photography eBook that had been read by over 3000 people
  • BONUS - Accelerator Road Map so that you get clarity on the path you need to take so that don't get overwhelmed 
  • BONUS - Stop double guessing yourself with Professional Gear Kit so that you know exactly what gears you need for different photo shoots 
That's well over $700 of Value!
You'd actually be crazy not to take on this offer

I Know How It Feel... I've Been There Too...


When I first started my photography I felt that I am NOT ENOUGH, I felt like I was limited by the ability of my camera and lens. I thought that I had to have a very expensive camera to take incredible images, and I was wrong. I felt stupid, I was overwhelmed by all of the buttons on my camera.

With this mindset, I spent months, if not years, watching tutorial, ready blogs, trying to figure it out. I was losing a lot of potential to take amazing photos.

Whenever I looked up a tutorial video on YouTube or other platforms, I kept getting a technical explanation yet no explanation on how to implement it in my situation. I always think, "I need a better camera to take a photo like that". 

Took me years, my photography journey is going stagnant and I started to doubt whether or not I have what it takes... My camera spend more time on the shelf than on my hand taking photo of beautiful scene, I was FRUSTRATED.

Have you felt the same way?
I was getting tired of using the same excuse, not being able to take great photos & spent months going through trial and error.

I won't lie, it took me a very long time to figure it out. But then my uncle who is a photographer show me simple way to approach it and it changed everything for me

Turns out, my problem was not that I didn't have the right camera, it's that I didn't know how to actually use it. I didn't even need to use all of the confusing buttons... 

It was so simple I can't believe it took me all this years!
That's when I started getting recognition for my works.

Getting interviewed on national TV - News talking about my work, sharing what I had discovered. 

This simple understanding helped to win my first 2 photography awards in 2018, which open the path to having over 100 awards in 2019 and 2020 combined. I am honoured to have my photograph exhibited in countries like US, Australia, Japan, and Canadian Geographic publish my work in their magazines.

I was able to make a living from my passion and travel to take incredible pictures from all corners of the world. From Jordan, Canada, Indonesia and 26 other countries to capture incredible shots the way I want to. 

And I want to help people like you to shortcut your journey too and enjoy capturing stunning scene from all over the world.
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