Start Shooting in Manual Mode in Few Minutes

Get Swipe files of 26 curated photos and their recipe, including composition techniques and manual settings.

26 proven settings covered 6 different scenarios

What's Inside:
  • 6 proven astrophotography settings that WOW yourself, including milkyway, the moon. 
  • 6 proven settings to capture dramatic and dreamy sunset and sunrise.
  • 4 proven settings to shoot vibrant bluebird days that make other wish they were there.
  • 3 proven settings to shoot cool action photography that make your friends jealous.
  • 3 proven settings to needle sharp wildlife photos. 
  • 4 proven settings for portrait photography.
  • ​You'll know exact composition techniques and manual settings that I used.
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"Hi Stanley, I just finished reading the Swipe Files. I absolutely loved it! So much info that is helpful for others (including me).... Thank you so much for the Swipe Files ! I absolutely love them!!!"


“I really liked it and it helped me for my photography… I know which settings and exposure I need to use…. And I need to say that it helped me in general with settings, mentality, fun, focus and everything. Great files!”



100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

As an artist in The Art of Photography, I take pride in what I do and deliver. I only want to deliver a product that I am confident with its quality. I have curate and test print my photos on these paper so I know exactly what you'll be getting. Most of all we package our prints carefully so that it can arrive with you safely. However, things goes wrong in life, In an event where the print arrived in your door step damaged take a photo of the damage as soon as you received it and send an email with the photo and your order number and I will reprint the photo at no extra cost. 
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