Discover The True Secrets to Master Photography 
Even If You're Not Creative & Not Good With Technology

“Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is”

Master The Art of Outdoor Photography
Snap extraordinary, breathtaking photographs using expert photography techniques you can master in a single weekend.

I remember the humdrum of everyday life.

Go to work. Sit at a desk. Talk to coworkers. Stare at a screen. Go home. Eat dinner. Repeat. 

Every morning was a battle to get up. At work I could barely concentrate because I spent so much time feeling bored, trapped and guilty. 

I was an engineer and lost interest in my projects. Everything was about making money. Squeezing as much work out of people as possible without having to pay them more. 
Even when the workday was over and I clocked out at 5pm on the dot, I was filled with dread knowing I’d have to go back again tomorrow. I was living for the weekend. As I laid in bed each night, consumed by desperation, I kept asking myself...

“Is this all there is?”

The world is so big, so beautiful, so incredibly intricate… But all I saw was the inside of an office every single day.
Weekends, holidays and 4 weeks of vacation wasn’t enough time to see the world, leave a legacy, or feel fulfilled.

I felt whatever passion and joy I had left leaking out of me. I knew I needed a change—and fast.

So I took a leap and decided to spend 5 weeks traveling throughout Europe. I found myself consumed by the culture, people, food, landscape… Everything. 

For the first time in a long time, I felt immense happiness and fulfillment. Until I got home and realized I did not have a single picture to sum up the experience!

That’s when I dove into photography.

I found it an incredibly unique way to see and capture the beauty of humanity and culture around me. 
Looking at the world through a creative lens forced me to see incredible beauty where before I would have just glanced over it.
Suddenly, life had color
Soon, I was traveling and shooting—with the deep desire to piece together a patchwork of cultures all over the world. 
I was able to grow two instagram accounts to 19k followers each and inspire more people around the world. 

In 2018, I left my job as an engineer for the last time. And decided to travel and pursue photography full-time.
Since then, I have been amazed by the glorious diversity of humanity and nature—and it’s restored my zest for life.

Throughout my journey, I’ve gone from simply taking nice pictures to express my view of the world…
To feeling incredibly fulfilled and wanting to empower others to embrace their love of photography. 
Over the years I had the pleasure to get recognised through international awards and publications. But what you don't see, I was just like you. I wasn't creative, I wasn't born with the gift to capture extraordinary photograph, I didn't have the eye for it, I was filled with self doubt. 3 years ago I couldn't imagine that I will make it this far, in fact I almost quit this journey. But the 3PMP method changed that for me. 

Leaving my job to follow my passion has led to the most incredible experiences of my life. 
I want you to be able to follow your passion too even if you're not planning to do it full time. 

"You can discover happiness and self-fulfillment with photography. 
Without getting stalled at the finish line, bogged down by buttons and dials or wondering if you’ll ever take the perfect photo" 

Scott's Photo Got Shared By 2 Major Accounts

I followed through with what you said and I tinkered around with it a little bit more, and people really enjoyed the photo... Wow! Everybody loved it and the photo got shared!

Scott, Nova Scotia

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Introducing The Expert Secrets to 
Master The Art of Outdoor Photography

A step by step over the shoulder framework to take you from beginner to pro. 

This method will systematically walk you through expert photography techniques,
so you can check confusion at the door and start taking incredible photos with ease and confidence.

The techniques you’ll discover are grounded in The 3PMP Method, which is a custom method I personally created out of pure frustration in the past 4 years.

Throughout my journey, I couldn’t find a method that worked for every photo… So I built one.

It's not a theory, I use this method to take every single photo.

By using The 3PMP Method, I went from earning 2 photography awards (2018) to winning 23 awards (2019) to 60+ awards (2020).

I will walk you through this technique step by step so you can use it to transform your skills without going through the frustration, mistakes and burnout that I had to go through. 

9 Hours of Easily Digestible content that allows you to quickly conquer pro photographer's secrets of shooting and editing—with none of the difficult, boring details. 

This means you can watch each piece of content and begin to see the transformation in just one weekend. 

The Secrets Behind The 3 Pillars to Master Photography

1st Pillar: Master Your Vision

Reveal the 3 Major Keys to unlocking your Vision so that you can differentiate yourself with other photographers & creators in this saturated niche. 

It has 34 Secret Formulas for compositions that will help you effortlessly capture photos that is unique which means you'll be able to capture photos that will get you true fans in life and social media.

2nd Pillar: Master Your Camera

Expert hacks to master your camera. Includes how to shoot without Manual Mode so you never miss a moment for the perfect shot. 

So that you will know how to consistently capture award-winning and magazine-quality photos by mastering the full potential of your camera. The chances are your camera is good enough!

3rd Pillar: 
Master Post-Processing

Discover the art of post-processing so you can improve your photos in as little as 10 minutes even if you don’t have an expensive camera. 

So that you can create professional quality photographs with the camera you already have!

You might think "but I don't have money, my camera isn't good enough"... 

You see, when I first failed to capture photos that I can be satisfied with, the first thing I did was upgrading my camera. I spent hundreds and eventually thousands on gears, yet I didn't invest a single $ to master and leverage this camera. It was like buying a Lamborghini without knowing how to drive. 

I took the photo below using $100 camera & got shortlisted on Australia Photography Awards 2020!

Once I came out with The 3 Pillars to Master Photography (3PMP method), I was able to capture stunning photos with any cameras (including phones) to capture extraordinary photos that I am proud of and gave me fulfillment and happiness. You'll even be able to stand out and sell your photos to your TRUE FANS and fund your next gear!

Andrew Joined The Masterclass in 2020, here's what he say:

"Like many people I’ve done a number of online courses in order to improve my skills, I found Stanley over instagram and have been inspired by his skill and passion behind the camera. I feel that I have progress further than any other courses I have ever undertaken and I highly recommend his photography mastery course."

Andrew, a Marine Engineer from New Zealand 

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As an artist in The Art of Photography, I take pride in what I do and deliver. I only want to deliver a product that I am confident with its quality. I have curate and test print my photos on these paper so I know exactly what you'll be getting. Most of all we package our prints carefully so that it can arrive with you safely. However, things goes wrong in life, In an event where the print arrived in your door step damaged take a photo of the damage as soon as you received it and send an email with the photo and your order number and I will reprint the photo at no extra cost. 

One month into Mike's journey he texted me this heart warming message:

"Since starting with your group my photos have been getting notice of local groups and friends. Some actually think I know what I am doing."

Mike H

Achievements 🏅 & Awards


🏆 Sponsor to Lake Louise Accor Bushfire Relief Appeal – Raised $17,736.90 AUD
🏆Runner Up (2nd place) for category “Wild Weather” on Canadian Geographic’s 34th Annual Photo Competition
🏆1st Place Winner – Our Canada-Share Photo Contest Category the Great Outdoors by Reader’s Digest
Published on Canada Geographic Magazine– May/June 2020
🏆Published on Reader’s Digest Magazine – June/July 2020
🏆Published on 17th year of F-Stop Magazine, the 100th issue – April/May 2020 - theme “Past/Future”
🏆Published on Outdoor Photographer
🏅Published on TedEd 
🏆Finalist at TPOTY Travel Photography Of The Year 2020 – Landscape and earth elements - Boab, Hammersley gorge, Moraine lake and Peyto lake Milkway
🏆Finalist at TPOTY Travel Photography Of The Year 2020 – Islands – feeding frenzy
🥇Gold Award 2020 San Francisco Bay International Photo Awards “upside down”
🏆Gallery Winner 2020 San Francisco Bay International Photo Awards “upside down”
🏆ACCI Gallery Exhibition – upside down
🏅Featured on Bokeh Bokeh Photo Publication– upside down
🏆3rd Place & Bronze - ND awards 2020 – Professional Special Category (night selfies)
🏆Honourable Mention – ND awards 2020 – Professional Drone Category (champagne pool)
🏆6th Annual Master Photographers International
🥇Gold Award – N4 As The Sun Set Behind The Rockies - Stanley Aryanto
🥈Silver Award – F9 Under The Arc Of The Milkyway - Stanley Aryanto
🥈Silver Award – F11 Morning Glow Of The 10 Peaks - Stanley Aryanto
🥈Silver Award – F11 Pink Alpen Glow - Stanley Aryanto
🥈Silver Award – F11 The Hoodoos Surrounded by The Milkyway And Aurora - Stanley Aryanto
🥉Bronze Award – F11 The Hoodoos Surrounded by The Milkyway And Aurora - Stanley Aryanto
🏆Better Photography Magazine Photo of The Year 2020
🥉Bronze - Shimmering Light – Bonzai in Vancouver Island
🥈Silver – Disappearing Glacier - Columbia Icefield
🥈Silver – The Hoodoo, The Milkyway and Aurora Borealis
🥈Silver – A Night to Remember – aurora, milkyway and Neowise
🥈Silver – Bubbly streak – Abraham lake star trails
🥉Bronze – Sea of Larch – Larch valley shot
🥈Silver – Canadian Rockies Mountain – Pano from top of Cirque Peak
🥈Silver – The Alpen Glow on The Ten Peaks – Eiffel peak
🥈Silver – The Moon Halo A Cold Night – LL Moon Halo
🥈Silver – A cold night – pano on saddleback
🏆Shortlisted on Australia Photography Awards 2020 – Travel/documentary Morocco bustling markets
🏆Website photo for The Nature Conservancy
🥈Silver Award 2020 Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) Frozen Waterfall – Nature Season Category
🥉Bronze Medal 2020 Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) Nature – Panoramic Category
🥉Bronze Medal 2020 Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) Break the Ice – Advertising Self Promotion Category
🏆Monovision Awards 2020 – Honourable Mention – “The Boat House” – Category Landscape
🏆Monovision Awards 2020 – Honourable Mention – “Peak” – Category Landscape
🏆Monovision Awards 2020 – Honourable Mention – “Different Perspectives” – Category Portrait

🏆Aerial Photography Awards 2020 – Special Mention – “Lone Tree”
🏆Aerial Photography Awards 2020 – Special Mention – “From Top of The World”
🏆2020 Epson International Pano Awards - Silver Awards “Wrap Around” Hammersley Gorge
🏆2020 International Landscape Photographer Of The Year – Silver Awards
🥈Columbia Glacier – Revealing Nature Category
🥈Milkyway and Aurora – Landscape Category
🥈Aurora, Milkyway and Comet Neowise – Revealing Nature
🥈Bubbles, Star trails (Abraham lake) – Landscape Category
🥈Cirque Peak Panorama – Landscape Category
🥈10 peaks from Eiffel peak – Landscape Category
🥈Aurora from Saddleback -25 deg C – Landscape Category
🥈Moon halo with Fairview – Landscape Category
🏆2020 Epson International Pano Awards - Bronze Awards
🥉Amongst the giant – Skiers on rogers pass
🥉Winter Halo – Lake Louise, Fairview Mountain
🥉Standing tall – Mt Robson
🥉Glow – EEOR
🥉Golden Glow – morning glow from Eifel peak
🥉The Color of Fall – Mt Assiniboine
🥉Wrap around – Hammersley gorge
🥉The mouth of a glacier – Abraham Lake
🥉Bubbles, Star trails and glacier – Saskatchewan glacier
🥉Larch Valley Pano with reflection
🏆2020 International Landscape Photographer Of The Year – Bronze Awards 
🥉Bonsai in Vancouver island – Revealing Nature Category
🥉Larch Valley mountain and larches – Landscape Category
🥉Aurora, Milkyway and Comet Neowise – Landscape Category
🏆2020 Chromatic Awards – Honourable mention - professional category landscape – Bubble and star trails (Abraham lake)
🏆2020 Chromatic Awards – Honourable mention - professional category nature – Disco on the water (bioluminescent)
Award Winning Australian Photography Awards 2019 - New Zealand - That Wanaka Tree by Stanley Aryanto


🏆 3rd Place for category “Australia Rural Life” on 2019 34th Perth National Photographic Exhibition Awards
🏆 Canon Australia “No one sees it like” Campaign 2019
🏆 Winner of Leederville Camera 2019 July awards
📖 Self Published 5 photobook series - Raised $3772
🏆 2019 Epson International Pano Awards - Silver Awards “Under the Arc of Milkyway”
🏆 2019 Epson International Pano Awards - Bronze Awards “Stormy Busselton Jetty”
🏆  2019 Epson International Pano Awards - Bronze Awards “Mangrove trees during suset”
🏆 2019 Australia photography awards “Honorable Mention” for 3 entries for categories Aerial, Documentary and Landscape
🏆 2019 International Photography Awards (IPA) “Honorable mention” on 4 entries for categories astrophotography, landscape and travel
🏆 2019 Moscow International Foto Awards (MIFA) “Honorable mention” for category Nature and Panorama
🏆 Monovisions award 2019 “Honorable mention” for category Travel Landscape on all 3 entries
🏆 Monochrome award 2019 “Honorable Mention” for category abstract
🏆 Finalist on 2019 Sienna Drone Awards category wildlife (feeding Frenzy)
🏆 Finalist on 2019 34th Perth National Exhibition Finalist Category Monochrome
🏆 Finalist on 2019 34th Perth National Exhibition Finalist Category Australia Rural life
🏆 Finalist on 2019 34th Perth National Exhibition Finalist Category Open Colour
🏆 Finalist 2019 Astrofest astrophotography exhibition
🏆 8 Curated photos for 34th Perth National Exhibition
🏆 Project 7:30 that raised close to $3500 for Oxford Foyer Anglecare WA -
🏆 Cooper Tyre Social Media Campaign
🏆 2019 Audi FIS ski world cup Auction in Lake Louise


🏆 “TOP 20” Award from Australia Photography Photographer of the year 2018
🏆 “HIGHLY COMMENDED” award from Australia Photography Photographer of the year 2018
🖼 2018 SHOTS Exhibition in Perth, Western Australia

Award Winning - Boab under the arc of Milkyway - Western Australia by Stanley Aryanto
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