Discover step-by-step process on how to create magazine-quality & award-winning photos with Lightroom without wasting months of Trial & Error

You might see all those 
Instagram photos and wonder,

"Why can't my photo look like that?"

It's not you. It's Post-Processing.

As Featured in

The PROVEN method that my students can 
replicate and achieve the same success!

Sara got her photo exhibited and sold her first print taken by a $450 second hand Nikon camera

Scott had his photo published by 100k + account and won his first photography awards

Miles won Photo contest for one of his shot

You want a JAW-BREAKING photo, but editing feels intimidating, especially with all the panels and graphs crowding your computer screen

Don't worry, I know how you feel... I used to feel the same...

My Ego got the best of me...

10+ years ago too... I was working 9-5 as a mechanical engineer in Australia, waiting for weekends and holidays to "have a life".

Photography was a hobby, but it was something I am passionate about. I thought that my photo wasn't good enough, everyone else seemed to take much better photos than I am that I was not talented

My EGO got the best of me! I thought editing is cheating... That if I'm good enough my photo can be used straight out of the camera.

Until I realised that even best of the best photographers like Ansel Adams spent weeks processing his photos. 

But I was wrong, when I realised, post-processing helped me received over 100 awards...

It took me years to master, but you only need a few hours...

I was overwhelmed and intimidated by the panels, I was ready to give up BEFORE I even started, have you ever felt that way?

I ended up procrastinate, finding excuses and distract myself until I realised that it's an integral part of photography. 
Until, I discover the 5 steps...

I realised that there are 5 steps that keep getting repeated. And you can do it all in just a few minutes

You don't need years to master post-processing and create professional-looking photos,
you just need a few hours with the right guidance.

And those 5 Steps changed my life

It got me started, showed me that it's not that hard to get started and that built my confidence to keep going. 

You know what they say, "The first step is the hardest."

To the point where I can now become a full-time photographer, and travelled to 30 different countries doing what I love the most. 

"And now, my photography pay for itself!"

Started getting recognition

Magazines such as Canadian Geographic published my photo & News Stations reached out to interview me

And some of my work being displayed in International exhibitions and publication all around the world.

Live my life to the fullest

Instead of living for the weekends and holidays, now
I get to do what I love every day and live a happy and fulfilled life helping others to pursue their passion.

*Interview with Edmonton News

Students Before & After Photos

Taken by the SAME students before and AFTER



Photos by: Scott, Nova Scotia, Canda



Photos by: Ariel, Nurse from Canada



Photos by: Mike, Alberta, Canada



Photos by: Chiraag, Perth, Australia

Here are list of lifelong skills 
that you will gain from this investment...

  •  Chapter 1 : The BEST workflow to import & manage your file so that you never lost your biggest asset as a photographer
  •  Chapter 2 : Organise your photo so that you can find the photos you are looking for in just a few clicks
  • ​​Chapter 3 : The fundamental: The step by step process to go from ok to WOW in just 5 steps
  • Chapter 4 : How to create presence in your photography and create jaw breaking photography
  • Chapter 5 : How to use lightroom to master composition - the process that helped me go from 2 awards in 2018 to 30 awards in 2019
  • ​Chapter 6 : Become a magician by removing unwanted or distractions from your photograph so that you can create a clean and stunning photos
  • Chapter 7 : Advance tool on how to create a powerful story telling using local adjustment tools and craft one of a kind photos
  • Chapter 8 In depth implementation of other Lightroom tools that can make your photography STAND OUT in this saturated niche

And, not just that...

I know that the power is in the implementation of a different conditions. So to overdeliver you will also get BONUS case studies...
  • How to preserve the colour during sunset or sunrise photography
  • How to craft interesting photo even during flat day light
  • How to get pop from night photography
  • How to create fine art black and white photography
  • ​How to craft powerful story telling from a single click
  • ​Discover the secrets that I use for my Award-winning, Published and Exhibited photos.

All of which total to $894 in value

And you'll get it all for

2024 Special Offer $47

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Don't take it just from me. Here's what my students say...

Meet your instructor

If today were the last day of my life, would I do what I'm about to do today?

Back in 2012, after years of working 9-5 and living a purposeless life as an engineer, I decided to pursue photography and live my true life. Admittedly, I wasn't immediately successful.

Hi! My name is Stanley Aryanto, and I'm a full-time landscape photographer who captures beautiful views and exceptional natural phenomena for a living.

It took me some time to figure things out as a photographer, and now, I want to help you avoid what I experienced and live your life without going through what I went through.

Why? Because you deserve to live your life to the fullest, and it's nearing the end of the year. The perfect time for a new start, take chances, and give back.
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